Welcome to the Distributed Systems (DS) course code BIT 2323. The purpose of this course is to identify emerging technologies practices, processes and procedures in DS computing systems (clusters, grids, clouds), information systems (transaction processing, enterprise application integration) and pervasive systems (home, health care, sensor networks) for large scale resource sharing between social and business organisations.  Learning is achieved through the BIT 2323 Blended Learning Model (BLM) that incorporates face-to-face discussions by the lecturer in the class, a 24/7 e-learning platform, tutorials, quizzes, iterative group work assignments, practical lab works, university library resources and study visits geared toward the criterion-based assessment. The student is expected to have foundations of computing knowledge (BCS 2117) as a prerequisite requirement. 

Students in this course are expected to develop proficiency in computing literacy to develop innovative skills in their higher order thinking, global understanding, and multicultural perspectives and become database administers, database project managers, database systems analysts or database consultants. The course will also improve the learners’ ethical values with increased determination to serve in both the social and business environments as Professional leaders of integrity.

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By the end of this session the students will be expected to:

  • Obtain the course outline, discuss the Course BIT 2323 Syllabus with the lecturer, and identify their taxonomy of significance learning, "to become".
  • Be clear on what the course aims to deliver and have access to all the necessary class materials, course texts and lab resources needed to successfully undertake the course.
  • Familiarise themselves with the Blackboard e-learning systems, including the  BIT 2323 Learning Management System (LMS) online modules.
  • Appreciate the Multimedia University of Kenya's regulations regarding the learning environment, course assignments and your exams

BIT2323 Distributed Systems Outline-JAN-APR-2020.pdfBIT2323 Distributed Systems Outline-JAN-APR-2020.pdf